Welcome to The Macédoine!

Macédoine – Noun

A medley or mixture of unrelated things

I started this blog so I could compile all of my thoughts in one place. Hope you like what you see, and feel free to stay awhile!

“Word without thought never to Heaven go.”

– Claudius to Hamlet

Latest from the Blog

Who Am I?

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! If you’re curious about who the author behind the essays and poems are, look no further! My name is Karina, and I’m a freshman in college. Some of my hobbies and interests (I have a lot) include: writing (as you can tell), reading, philosophy, psychology, eating green tea iceContinue reading “Who Am I?”

Smoking in The Shade

The cigarette is the only thing That is real A quivering hand darts, grabs the lighter Fire. A breath leaves the cigarette And a puff of smoke escapes chapped lips The cigarette is the only thing That exists You tap it,  Ridding it of its ashen coat. It is naked in your hand Vulnerable. TheContinue reading “Smoking in The Shade”

The Fourth Room

My eyelids flutter as the clock ticks down the minutes. When was the last time your ghost Haunted these walls? A month? A year? When was the last time your voice Echoed through these halls? A month? A year? I thought I heard the door creak, But it was just the footsteps of what might’veContinue reading “The Fourth Room”

“Times are hard for dreamers.”

– Amelie

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